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What I’ve Learned About Construction Planning


What I’ve Learned As We Prepare To Build Our First Home

My husband and I are getting ready to build a new home. This means I am the one who is researching such things as building permits, wells, and floor plans. I am also discovering there are many details that must be considered when building. I have learned more than I could ever believe about different types of flooring, stonework and kitchen cabinets. I have studied the difference between granite kitchen worktops and concrete and know which materials must be sealed or treated.


I have also learned how important it is to choose the right wood for hardwood flooring. If you have animals, which we do, you should choose a hardwood that is strong and doesn’t scratch easily. I’ve also learned that there are some really beautiful laminate flooring options and some look just like exotic woods, yet can be mopped and cleaned without having to worry about ruining the floor.


One of the best things I’ve learned is that online floor plans can be modified to fit our lifestyle. I’ve found several floor plans I really like, but my husband wants a separate garage connected by a breezeway. This is actually a pretty easy modification which results in a floor plan that we can both live with.

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